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    i currently have a sprintpcs account and for about 4 months now i could always use versamail with no problem.....untill about 3 days ago. the problem is that i can get emails, but if i delete them they always come back when i download my new ones.....but wait you say!! this has already been discussed in many threads...!! NOT EXACTLY!! all the threads i read that related to this problem was from people who were NEVER able to delete/erase their emails properly,but not of one's who could and then couldn't. for some reason this problem occured after i tried to email myself on the phone, the sceen said "sending", the next thing i know my phone does a hard reset and when it finally turns on versamail is "screwed up" from that point on!! i deleted all the versamail related files(asc3 & asc4,multimail attahcments/messages etc,) then creat a fresh account on the phone and pc, but when i sync and download fresh ,delete, and retrieve new email i still have the old ones too!! somebody know something about this?? maybe another file got currupt in the phone after the "accident"....anyone know of or experience this problem happening to them?
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    In VersaMail, go to Preferences/Advanced/Server; uncheck "Leave mail on server after downloading to VersaMail".
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    I have a similar problem. When I delete E-mails they are not removed from the server even though I have the delete from server box checked. I want to keep some of the E-mails on my desktop so I canít just uncheck the leave on server box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble
    In VersaMail, go to Preferences/Advanced/Server; uncheck "Leave mail on server after downloading to VersaMail".
    yeah i thought about that as well but like starlord said, i also want to keep some emails on the server.....just in case....i'll make a decision soon....i don't know why it stop working corectly, my friend has sprintpcs service as well longer than me and he said he doesnt have, and never did have the problem i have, his emails delete with no problem and we have the same service so i know it's the's very frustrating but i can live with it.....for now
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    I now have versamail working with no problems...power tested it 3 days before was my "saved preferences"'s how I found this out:
    I did numerous hard resets and restores via backupbuddy but the problem kept coming back,the immediate reason was not evident because all my other data( i.e. favorite buttons, reg. codes, color schemes , hard buttons etc.) that was managed by the saved preferences file was working....other than versamail I had no problems with the phone I decided to do a partial back up after a reset and tried versamail and it worked fine, but when I restored all the data back I had the same problem again with versamail,and everything else was I "bit the bullet" and did a hard reset again...but this time I only restored 5-10 files at a time,at which time I would exit backupbuddy and try out versamail. I got to around 120-135 files restored before I had the problem again ,and the 'saved preferences' file was in the 'dirty' files bunch'so after trouble shooting thru those 10 files that's how I knew it what file it was, the trick is you have to do a hard reset first and restore WITHOUT the saved preferences files to tell if that's it, because if you just simple delete that file from the phone and it's corrupt, the phone is still 'polluted' by that hard reset/restore minus the saved prefs file then try versamail right away and see how it runs....hope the helps someone..!!
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    Hmm.. I've been having this issue. I actually stopped using Versamail because of it. So you are saying the Saved Preferences is the problem eh? Bummer.. I don't want to start all that from scratch.

    I guess I'll try it when I have some time.
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    I have also been able to fix the "mails I deleted from the server re-appearing" by deleting the account and recreating it in Versamail.
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    yeah that worked for me a couple of times before, but if the problem is your "saved prefs" then that method will be in vain,but that is a step anyone should at least try before doing what I did....
    one thing I failed to mention earlier is that I think my "saved prefs" got
    screwed up because my phone reset while I was retrieving just try all the little steps first before you do the exrreme like I did.
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    Luckily I had a checkpoint in Backupbuddy from June. I restored Saved Prefs from then.

    Versamail works now... Thanks!!!

    Now if Palm would just fix it so Saved Preferences doesn't get hosed so often!!!! Sheesh..
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    i know, it kinda sucks, but glad i could help...that what we do here at T| to my next figure out why ptunes randomly resets my treo....that'll be alot of "fun"...haha!!

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