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    soft reset
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    I installed Zhexen in the same manner as zdoom (Zdoom works fine). When I try to launch ZHexen, I get an error: Database: out of memory (Dm0201) I am running UDMH and have about 10 meg of RAM free on the handheld. I used the wad file from my old Hexen CD. Any ideas?
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    Never mind! Got both Quake and Hexen working. You cannot move the program to the card with Zlauncher. You have to run it from the hanheld and only install the data files to the card. At least that is how I got it to work anyway. Fortunately, the .prc's are small. This is SO COOL!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackFLux
    How do you exit back out to the Palm OS?
    make sure you mapped a button for the menu. Then just open the menu and select quit.
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    I played Zquake multiplayer on TCP/IP over:
    1- a Treo 650 and a PC (Winquake)
    2- two palmos device (Treo 650 and Clie NX70V)

    it's great !!!
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    Tested on the 650 and works beautifully. No slowdown with UDMH and PXA.
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    Has anyone figured out how to save a game?
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    anyone figuree out how to stop zdoomz from freezing after the 1st level?
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    anyone have any luck?
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    Use UDMH. If you don't, it will freeze after the first level. You also have to soft reset after playing or you will also have memory problems
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    even with UDHM it freezes after the first level
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