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    Anyone out there have both and care to compare them for us? Looking to order one of these soon in a bundle with their skin case and mini sinc cable but cant decide on which to get.

    Thanks in advance for any opinions and info.
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    you naughty naughty person, have you not used the Golden Search function here at TC?
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    yes I have, I didnt find the answers I was looking for. =P
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    Do you want a screen protector which when installed is hardly noticable? Go with the Crystals.

    Do you want a screen protector which helps with sun glare, is a little rougher to write on? Go with the Anti-Glare.

    I personally prefer the Anti-Glare. The Crystals are very slick, almost slippery to write on and they always seem to bubble somewhere.
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    I prefer the Anti Glare as well. Very durable.
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    I've used both. The cyrstal clear ones are just that but...... the fact that they show up every little finger smudge and ear mark make them annoying to me.

    I've settled on the anti-glare ones.
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    I've had the same Anti-Glare on since February, and have no marks and rarely have to wipe it off. Fingerprints would drive me nuts...
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    I like either Boxwave version. I prefer the Crystal Clear for the clarity, but yes, the smudges do show.. . . . I end up wiping it off, once a day.

    Had two bubbles on the install of the Cyrstal, but 1 day later they were gone. Magic!

    Cheers, Perry.
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    post another vote for the crystal, the screen clarity is as good as the naked screen, have had both but prefer the crystal
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    Anti-glare here!! No smudges and no glare are more important to me than getting one extra candescence per meter squared (dunno if that's the right unit or not, I just felt like bein' a nerd, not necessarily an accurate nerd). I don't understand why one would choose crystal over anti-glare myself....I mean the screen is friggin' bright enough as is - it's a transreflective screen for pete's sake....whether you're inside or outside, you'll be able to see what's on the screen perfectly fine.

    I'd definitely prefer to see them side by side....but even then I'm doubting that I'd like it over anti-glare.

    What do you crystal people do when your outside?? Do you just have to adjust the phone or your eyes to get rid of the do you use it?
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    Oh yea...BTW, I'm buying Boxwave protectors 'til I'm dead or they go outta business (doubt it).
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    Can anyone tell me if the Boxwave screen protectors are better than the brand sold by TreoCentral? Anyone here used both brands? I'm pretty satisfied with the TreoCentral brand, but willing to try something else if better.

    Thanks, CC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grndslm
    What do you crystal people do when your outside?? Do you just have to adjust the phone or your eyes to get rid of the do you use it?

    I have used both Boxwaves. I prefer the Crystal. A very slight tilt of the hand gets rid of any glare I encounter. . . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Haven't used both, but I like the color and clarity of the 650 screen so much better than the 600 that I wanted to preserve that, unsullied -- so I got the Crystals. Am very happy with them. Yes, there are some smudges and there is some glare at times (which I, too, rectify by just moving the Treo out of the light a bit). But I still love the clarity and color, so I just clean it more frequently (less than daily for me).

    I think that the responses here pretty much say it: do you want your screen to look as naked and original as possible (use Crystals) or do you get annoyed with smudges and glare (use Anti-Glare)? Either way, Boxwave is the way to go - beats my previous protectors (the anti-glares sold here at TC) hands down for both durability and appearance.

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    Do any of you that bought the 3 pack of anti-glare Boxwaves want to recoup some of your costs and sell one? Let me know.
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    I'd be willing to trade an anti-glare for a crystal so I could compare myself, but I'm pretty sure I'd stick with anti-glare. Obviously I'll have to wait and see.

    This is starting to turn into the marketplace.
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    wow, lots of replies... and just what I wanted to know. I still donít know which I will go with. I probably will try the anti glare first. I'm hesitant since I have the 600 and the screen resolution is not as nice as the 650 and wonder if the anti glare will only add to it not being as clear.

    If I am not happy with the anti glare I guess I'll have to cough up another $14 or so dollars for the crystal (or trade with someone)

    Thanks for all the info guys/gals... keep em coming!
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    I ordered both of the the Boxwave protectors. I got three anti-glare protectors and one of the crystal protectors. I tried the crystal and it was like CRYSTAL clear, if thats the look your going for i highly recommend it. I then tried the anti-glare and preferred them, no smudges, no fingerprints, looks clean even after being pressed up to my face. I can part with one of anti-glares, if anyone wants to buy it write me.
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    i'm interested... you've got mail.
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