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    I'm coming from a Blackberry to a Treo650. On the Blackberry, when I'm reading an email with a phone number in it, I simply click on the phone number to dial it immediately on the phone. Does the Treo have simiar functionality?

    Also - what program gets you to a contact phone number quickly? If I am at the Phone app, and want to dial a contact number, whats the quickest way to get there?

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    GoodLink has the click to dial you are looking for. I am sure there are others as well.
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    Chatter has click to dial as well. In fact, I think every email program does.
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    The Treo is supposed to recognize phone numbers in all apps (at least the built in ones) and allow you to click on the number to dial.

    When your in the phone app, all you have to do is start typing the letters of someones name to find them in the contacts (I find first inital, last name works best). If it doesn't automatically work, check to make sure that in General Preferences you have Typing starts contacts search vs. Typing dials phone number. If you want to dial an actual number, just keep going as your Treo tries to find an appropriate contact, once it realizes your trying to dial a number (typically 3-4 numbers) it will switch back to the numbers you've already dialed.
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    You can also assign a hotkey to dial often used numbers. It is considered a favorite button in the phone app.
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