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    Why do you want to switch? That could answer the question for you. Anyway, if email reliability is what you're after then the BB is probably more bulletproof out of the box in a side-by-side comparison. PhoneScoop has a good comparative tool:
    Sprint Treo 600 (since October '03) --> PPC 6700 (exactly 29 days) --> Sprint Treo 600 --> Sprint Treo 700p --> BB Curve 8330.
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    I use both. I use the blackberry only for work email and as a work phone. I use the Treo for my non-work email and everything else. The Treo is a lot more versatile, and Chatter with IMAP is great. Works like Blackberry with more options. Blackberry is a lot more stable than the Treo. Blackberry battery life (7290) is also better. If I could only have one, would be Treo. I rely on too much 3rd party software.
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