View Poll Results: Do you get the bright white screen flash when turning off the screen on the 650?

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    6 31.58%
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    13 68.42%
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    Do you get the white screen when turning off the screen? Mine seems to do it about half the time and it is much more noticeable in a darkened room. I saw that this has been mentioned before but thought I would start a poll. I was hoping this would be fixed with the latest update (Sprint) but I still get it.
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    I noticed something odd about this flashing white screen. It happens all the time with my Treo but yesterday I let the battery drain to about 10% and it didn't do it. I plugged it in the charger and it started again. Any theories?
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    for those voting 'yes', do you have BrightCam installed?
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    I have it happen and I do NOT have BrightCam installed.
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    Old version of lightwav (pre 5.5)?
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    no WSOD here...
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    I have two treos in the flashes bright white, one doesn't!
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    I get it everytime. I thought it was normal. No brightcam, No Lightwav
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    Well, its blinding when in a dark room.

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