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    Google's beta SMS has a known issue with Treo's - no explaination from them. Mine didn't work for the first two months after I got a Treo, suddenly - it started working. My number was ported to Cingular, so I'm not sure it that plays into it since there is a known SMS problem with ported numbers.
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    I use it to quickly reverse lookup unknown callers.

    just send the phone number of the unknown caller.
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    Just tried it here on Cingular, came back within 60s.
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    Doesn't work for me on cingular either, yahoo does.
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    Pretty neat-

    Only way I see using Google Local over SMS beneficial is if you're in a rush to find a number AND you're outta town.

    If I'm going to do a general search of "auto parts" stores in my area, I'd rather see a full list...and since it's my area, I prolly already know where I'd wanna go, so I'd just search for it with Directory Assistant.

    There are better ways to get the weather...(Treo Alarm doesn't ever really expire, right?)

    And the movie listings over SMS is UBER limited....I'd easily pick Blazer/Xiino over SMS any day to knock on the Google's door and see what he really had to say.

    BTW, thanks for the tip of using zip code instead of city, st....I never thought about zip codes when using Google Local for some reason. there anything else useful that Google Local can do besides Directory, Movie, and Weather Listings??? I'm sure a full list (if that isn't already it) is available somewhere on Google, but I'll wait for someone else to chime in.

    EDIT: Now that I read over my post again, I can see that I prolly will start using this a little more than initially expected. Even if I'm at home, it'd be much easier/quicker to SMS the name of a business I already know if I'm only trying to get a number.
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    If you go to Blazer, and make a bookmark of " " you will get the results faster and better...
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    But that's the've got to be signed on....that takes 20 seconds. Then you've got to let Blazer load...that takes 10 seconds. Then you've got to type it in and receive the results.

    For non-detailed things like directory assistance and weather....sms is prolly much quicker, saving 30 sec. or so.....that is, unless you are constantly online and use WASSDAT (makes searching sites much easier, not THAT much easier for mobile optimized sites, but still easier).
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    KMaps - gives you google search + maps on your treo:
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