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    Excuses if the question below has already been asked many times. I'm a first time user of these forums, and only the proud owner of a Treo 650 since yesterday. I've been a mac user for years, but only since a month working on an iMac G5 (20") with Tiger (I'm driving a Peugeot 106, for those who are interested). And I didn't find the FAQ for this forum.

    I tried to use iSync to upload my address book and calendar to the Treo (the standard Mac address book and iCal). The computer recognises the bluetooth connection, even iSync can see the phone when I select the "Add device" menu, but a pop-up screen appears informing me that "iSync cannot connect to this device".

    So what am I doing wrong? I installed the Palm software on my mac, and I set the Conduit settings for the Address Book, Calendar, Contacts, Date Book, Tasks and To Do list to "Do Nothing".

    Help is appreciated. Snarks too, but only if they're funny

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    Me again. I found the iSync menu "Enable Palm OS Syncing". Clicked that, and now several menus are removed from the Conduit Settings, but I still cannot connect.

    If I go to my Bluetooth preferences, the phone is listed, but not bold (I guess that that means that the mac cannot connect to it. Clicking on the phone gives the status:

    Paired: yes
    Configured: yes
    Favorite: yes
    Connected: no (damn!)

    Clicking on the Configure button gives me another screen, the Bluetooth Setup Assistant, which runs for a little while. It says: "Select the services you want to use with your mobile phone" and then gives three menu choices:
    Set up iSync to transfer contacts and events
    Use with Address Book
    Access the Internet with your phone's data connection

    Those texts are grayed out, though, and although they are initially selected, these check marks are removed, and the process ends with a notification: "There were no supported services found on your mobile phone."

    I'm still very happy with my Treo, but a bit disappointed for not being able to sync the thing.

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