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    I just installed fontsmoother w/ Utopia 18 and am having the same problem as hofo mofo pictured above. Has anyone found a solution?

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    Yeah, that's going to happen, not much to be done about it.. Perhaps some fonts or settings might make it better, but basically the OS is drawing the background the way it THINKS the font is, where the actual font is different.

    BTW, you certainly don't have to have Fonts4OS5 installed. FontSmoother can manage its own fonts.
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    Thanks Khaytsus,
    I have the same problem on some websites. Anybody have a font that does not cause such a problem?
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    Here's a problem I have with this People magazine webpage in Blazer 4.5 on a 700p and Font Smoother 1.78a and Tahoma F5 10pt :,00.html

    The background behind the text is blueish (though, it should really be white) and the text is unreadable. Short of switching fonts, would an older version of Font Smoother help me here?
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    FontSmoother and Fonts4OS5 combo were essential on 320x480 hi-res devices IMHO. They are less effective with the beautiful Treo hi-res 320x320 screen. I can live without them on the Treo whereas I couldn't on my previous PDA, Sony TH55.
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    i also read about FontHackV, is that any better then ones posted above

    i read in the forum about palm internals that Fonts4OS5 draws allot of cpu usage on the phone.....

    right now i just have font smoother running
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    I bought Fontsmoother hack for Palm and use it all the time in Blazer..
    Works great
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    how do u just use in blazer , i thought fontsmoother is more of a global setting

    how do u set just to take affect for blazer

    and which font are u using?

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