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    Can anyone tell me in simple language what LONG dtmf tones are?

    (I thought DTMF was just the "touchtone" tones???)

    Do I want to enable LONG dtmf or not???


    Tom O'Connell
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    yes they are the touchtones... you dont want the long DTMF tones because if they're too long they mess with the automated systems and they wont recognize your keypresses (i.e. when you log in to voicemail to enter your password, even after entering the correct password, it will complain that its invalid)
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    Thanks ... I haven't enabled it, so I missed some grief...


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    What do mean haven't enabled it - Where is the option to do that??
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    Sorry. can't find it again. But there was a check box to enable long tones or not.


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