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    I know that Marc guesstimated a mid-august release of a stable version that supports card storage among other things.

    I've finally updated to the 650 and now have a data package, so will probably be moving to Chatter.

    Any word on when a stable version with these features is expected?
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    I still think mid-August. The beta's have been pretty stable, though.

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    Thanks Marc. I want to make sure the Treo is stable with the apps I've been using on my 600 before I start adding a bunch more.

    What's involved in moving the messages to the SD card? Say if I get the stable now, then upgrade when the next stable comes out? As it's all on the server, I assume the sync just puts it in it's new place?

    Is this correct?
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    You would do a "reload" at the moment, which would delete all the messages in RAM and reload them. There may be a utility to do this without deletion.


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