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    Guys/Gals: This could be a unique situation, though I'm not sure. I've already tried contcting Dataviz tech support but I have a feeling they will be of no help. Here's the rub:

    A) Short version:
    B) Request
    C) Long Version (to Dataviz Tech Support)
    D) D) Response from Dataviz Tech Support


    A) Short version: Even though I uninstalled (uncessfully?) Docs To (v7) Desktop Standard, when I tried installing Docs to (v7) Premium on CD-ROM on my desktop, I get a message saying that a prevoius version has already been installed and I need to remove that first! I have a feeling my desktop has been somehow currupted, with the only option of reformatting the hard drive, which is NOT what I want to do. That blasted Norton antivirus thing also may have played a part in this. The Dataviz Tech support guy still thinks Docs to Go is on my desktop, even though I told him otherwise. I e-mailed him saying that the tricks he suggested do not work.

    B) Request: I have a separate registration number and serial number from my Premium Docs to Go (v7) CD-ROM. Of course, I can't install that on my computer. Could someone be kind to private message me and send me the Premium version 7 Docs to go as Palm .PRC files? (I figure with Card Export II on my T650, I don't need Docs to go on my Desktop anyway.)


    C) Long Version (to Dataviz Tech Support)

    I had previously installed Docs to Go Standard (7.06) on the desktop and my Treo 650. A few months back, I had to remove Docs to Go from my Treo 650, with the Desktop version still on the main computer.

    II: Just won a free CD-Rom of Docs to Go 7 Premium on CD-ROM. When I tried to re-install the (CD-ROM) new desktop app on the computer (Windows XP), the computer had frozen. An error message popped up saying I had to uninstall the previous version of Docs To go before I could go further.

    III: My 'Removal" of Docs to Go from desktop. From the computer's XP Control panel, I selected 'add and remove' programs. Windows did 'completely' uninstall Docs to Go from the Desktop, but some wierd error message apeared, something about hot being able to remove the program but to contact tech support. Though the actual Docs to Go program ON THE DESKTOP is nowhere to be found.

    IV: Tried re-installing the NEW PREMIUM DISC on my Windows XP Computer. When I try, I get the following error message:
    "Severe. There is a version already installed on your system. Please uninstall this version before trying to install again."



    D) Response from Dataviz Tech Support
    There are a few things we can do to make sure Docs to Go is totally removed from the computer:

    Please run all Microsoft Windows High Priority and optional software update:
    Windows updates are essential to be sure that you are running the newest version of Microsoft's Windows operating system.
    Many components (not just security related) can be downloaded and updated from their website. They help correct many installation or uninstalling problems.
    Please note, it is not necessary to run driver updates.

    When all updates are complete, Try to uninstall Docs to Go via Add/Remove Programs

    If the step above fails,
    You need to run the Windows Cleanup Utility:

    1. Click on the START button, and choose RUN

    2. Type the following command: "cleanmgr" -without the quotes

    3. When the disk cleanup utility loads, uncheck every box available

    4. Then, check the box that says "Temporary Files"

    5. Click OK to being the cleanup.

    Try to uninstall Docs to Go via Add/Remove Programs

    Try running the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility:
    1. Download and save the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility from the following link: (if you are running Windows 95/98/Me) (if you are running Windows NT/2000/XP)
    2. Double-click on the installer: "msicu.exe" or "msicuu2.exe"
    3. This will install a program created by Microsoft named "Windows Installer Clean Up".
    4. Click on your Start Menu. Under All Programs you will see this application now listed.
    5. Open the Windows Installer Clean Up application.
    6. Under the listing of installed products, highlight Documents To Go and choose Remove.
    NOTE: Do not be alarmed if you do not see Documents To Golisted. AND Do not remove any other applications listed as this could effect their installations if removed.

    7. Exit the Clean Up application.

    Docs to Go should be uninstalled.

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    Here's a thought: is it possible to install the Docs to go Desktop app on a separate USB hard drive/hub? If so, this might do the trick. If not, are there other ideas floating around?
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    More info from the Dataviz support guy. I'm afraid if I do what he says, I'll be playing with fire with my Palm Software/hot synch stuff. (I already let him know.) What say you, brain trust of Treocentral?!


    As we're still trying to resolve the problem, I've put the prc/pdb files in a location where you can download them via xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Please note that this isn't a supported method of installing the apps, but just want to see if you'll be able to get something up & running while we're trying to fix the apps.

    What I think we should go ahead with next is to do an uninstall/reinstall of the palm software on the computer, because there are shared files and program information that is used when installing Docs to Go which may be inhibiting the installation.

    We can uninstall/reinstall the palm software and beyond contacts and the problem should be resolved.

    1. Open My Computer
    2. Double click your C: drive (or your local disk)
    3. Double click on the Program Files folder
    4. Locate the palmOne folder (note: it may be Palm, Sony, Handspring, or similar to your name-brand of handheld)

    Right click on this folder, and choose 'copy'.

    5. Go to your desktop, and right click in an empty area; choose 'paste' from the menu that comes up. We will keep a copy of this as a precaution.
    6. Uninstall the Palm software by using the Add/Remove application within the Control Panel.
    7. Restart your computer.
    8. Reinstall the Palm Desktop software.
    9. Try to HotSync; do you receive an error?

    If you are able to sync OK, go ahead and try to reinstall Docs to Go from the download site (xxxxxxxxx) with any antivirus/antispyware programs disabled:

    Please let me know how it goes.


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    Are you using ZLauncher?

    I am and had the same problem. I had moved one or more of the DTG apps to the SD card with ZLauncher. The DTG installer found something out of date and gave me the error. I deleted EVERY DTG file in RAM and on SD card. Then I re-installed and all went well.
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    Am not using ZLauncher. Havent had time to install a launcher yet (gunning for LauncherX). Nor even have time to use the Dataviz Tech tool to move most of the Docs to Go App on my 2GB SD card (At least not yet anyway.)

    Following is a potential reason why I'm having this Docs to Go problem: Inadvertantly, I've installed the desktop version of the DTG too many times on different computers and/or Hard Drives through the years--not by choice, but by circumstance.

    That said, I have a feeling there are TOO many remants of DTG lying around on both hard drives, making it more difficult to find and delete those files, thereby making the desktop DTG Premium software installation process more of a pain, unless I re-install the Palm Desktop software. That said, once I get my T650 situated the way I like it (then synch AND back-up its data) , THEN I'll re-install the Palm desktop software, per Dataviz's instructions.

    See rest of post below to understand more of my unique scenario with DTG.


    In 2003, I got the Treo 600 with the free Docs to To Reader. In 2004, I saw the full version of DTG (Version 6) at Staples for cheap and installed via my laptop. A year or so later (April 2005) my laptop died on me. No more laptops for me, for awhile anyway.

    That's when I decided to get the Treo 650 and use that as my main computer (smartphone computer!), using my salvaged hard drive (from my laptop) to re-synch all my Palm apps. Of course, I had to re-install the Palm Desktop app on my friend's computer to use as my Palm app install and hotsynch tool. (I plan to get Backup Buddy, or the Secure File PDA back-up card for a more mobille, "on the fly" synch tool later.)

    I had then installed the Standard version of Docs to Go 7 (which came on the Treo 650 CD-ROM) on my friend's computer. (no problems that time.) Off all things, I received the Premiuim (Docs to Go) edition this May as a gift! When I found out the former DTG Standard edition didn't have spell check--well, I had (tried uncucessfully) to uninstall Docs to Go Premium and install Premium DTG, hence my current dilemma!

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    New idea: If I install my Docs to Go CD-ROM on a different (temporary) computer than the one I'm currently using, is it possible to install those Palm .prc Premium files on my Treo that way? Or would I also have to reinstall the Palm desktop on that temp computer too (Then uninstall the Docs to Go desktop (and Palm desktop?) from that temp computer). It seems like that is the only option for me right now. I REALLY don't want to mess with my Palmone Desktop (4.1.4) on my home computer right now. Maybe later, when I get my Treo's **** together!

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