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    I just purchased a Cing 650 to use with tmo. What is the quickest and cheapest way to unlock it?
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    Run it on Cingular for a few months and ask them to unlock it.
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    I dont have cingular
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    You have a Cingular-locked phone, but not Cingular service, is that right? I know if you have Cingular service they'll give you the code after three months of service - I just did it and I now have the SIM lock removed - so I have a Cingular-branded unlocked phone.

    Anyway, you can go to :


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    If you know anyone with Cingular service you might be able to call in with their info instead of yours and get it unlocked. Thats what I did so that I could use my 650 with tmobile.

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