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    I would like to report some BUGS when using KB LightsOff version 1.2.1 on a Treo 650:

    1. KB LightsOff is incompatible with Energy Dimmer by 79bmedia and PowerOn 6.8. After several minutes powered OFF, the keyboard lights will turn ON by its self and will stay ON.

    2. When in dim mode (option + right shift) the keyboard light will stay lit no matter what, until you exit this mode.

    Can anyone else verify this???
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    dim mode is fookered because of how palm dims the kb lights.

    They turn them on and off very quickly so they don't get up to full brightness. Brilliant hack, but annoying to those of us who can see 60hz and lower refresh flicker.
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    1. I don't use these apps, and have no issues with the keyboard lights turning on by themselves. Maybe the bug is in those apps, not KBLights?

    2. Are you using a version of the Treo that dims the keyboard along with the screen? If so, this is a problem with the Treo. Palm updated the firmware to allow dimming the keyboard. But the changed code fails to properly notify other apps when the status of the keyboard lights changes. The developer is aware of this, and I think he's trying to find a work-around. In the meantime, you can configure it so a double click of the side button turns the lights on/off manually when they get out of sync.
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    Thanks for the suggestions.
    Meyerweb, ur right. My treo dims the screen along with the keyboard. This is evident when:
    Screen brightness set to high = Keyboard lights is also high
    Screen brightness set to low = Keyboard lights is also low
    Hopefully ur also right, that the developer is aware of this and he is trying to find a work around.

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