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    i know, i can launch apps by pressing and holding other keys on my treo650. but how about those on top? the power, sms and datebook one? any apps for configurating them that way? a feature that includes a lockoff action would be cool aswell.
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    I know...configuring that SMS and Datebook button. You'd think Palm would've included that The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Haven't heard of any apps with press and hold of the four hardbuttons whereas many apps configure features for press and hold to do something (fetch mail, launch phone app, etc.). But if you're simply trying to add apps to launch or to better configure your four hard buttons with more flexibility, try HBX from Rano Software. Don't know if it's been update for the T650.
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    Try out Bob's Alarm (or MobileClock or whatever it is these days. Anyway, it's from RARM software) along with Bob's PopUp Launcher. I think it does what you need.
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    Try QLaunch. Works great with my 600.

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