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    hey, I built a stand for my treo 650 for my desk... I probably way over-engineered it. For as much as I'd ever fold it up (never?) it does fold up real nice.

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    It is one of the great masterpieces of treo stand, wish I have one.
    Well done~
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    Just when I thought I was "over-the-top" obsessive about my Treo along comes threads like this. Love it. Great work. You could be onto something here. Can you make one in cherry wood with a cutout for the speaker and/or room for an audio-out/headphones plug to my computer speakers?

    By the way, what is the app you have active in image #8804
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    I like it but why so tall?
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    It's tall because the wires have to come out the bottom, right?
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    Beantown: It's Bhajis Loops - ! the baddest *** music program I've ever seen on the palm.

    t2gungho, KRamsauer: yeah, for the wires, and to elevate it to the neighborhood of my monitors. I'm thinking it would be cool to get that LCD readout program running at some point.
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    do you mind giving steps or exlaining how did you make it? I would like to make a stand for my treo too!!
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    Oh my god! How weird. Just yesterday I was thinking how good it would be to have an unfoldable Treo stand for when I'm on a plane/bus etc.

    In my head it was made of thick card though and folded completely flat.
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    That is a nice-looking stand you made. Looks classic!!!
    Since it's so tall, does it get push over from the sides??
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    I meant,
    Since it's so tall, does it get push over easily from the sides??

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