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    I streamed for a few minutes this morning using my Treo 650 and pocket tunes and radioio and it was great! But two problems.

    First, it seemed that I couldn't make it stop trying to re-connect even though I was hitting stop. Annoying. It tried like six times. I have to hit stop and then leave the program.

    Second, now I can't figure out how to get it to read MY songs on my SD card!

    Any ideas?
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    Format card. Create an audio directory. Get a $5 card reader. Drag songs on to the card. That the easiest way. Solution to your other problem. If you keep reconnecting, then just make a selection that is not video streaming.
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    Also make sure you have the latest version of PTunes.
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    Hey, guys.

    Thanks. Have the latest version. Cards are already on the card. It was just that after I downloaded from radioio, I couldn't figure out how to go to other songs. Finally, I found the song list--thought I could use 5 way for everything?--near as I can tell I have to select the icon with the stylus. There I saw my songs, picked "select all" songs and I could access them again.

    I know that isn't the right answer though--pretty awkward.
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    Just found this today - you can use the keyboard to access almost all of the ptunes functions. "O" will get you to your song list. Pull down the menus and you'll see the shortcut keys for all the commands to the right of the command - just hit that key when on the main ptunes screen and you'll get there
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    Thanks for this MiRexer!

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