I just upgraded to a 650... new in OEM box from eBay. I had to get my install CD in a separate auction.

Anyway, I'm trying to use the install CD to update my Palm Desktop software, install new 650 apps, etc. and the palmOne Desktop install craps out because it says the data1.cab is corrupted or bad!

I went to download the Desktop install from palm.com only to find that they do not offer downloadable versions of the Desktop for the 650.

Could some kind soul help me with a good copy of data1.cab? Unfortunately that one file is 66MB.

Or, better yet, could someone tell me if I really NEED to upgrade my Palm Desktop software? Or is the version on the 650 install CD built-in with specific features for the phone? Currently I have the version from my old 300 installed on my desktop.

I do know that there are 650 specific apps on the CD that I want to install (Docs To Go for one). Can I simply bypass any install routines and just install the .prc files I found on the CD?