I've started receiving emails with URL links in them on my Treo 600, using the plain old built-in Mail program. I click the link, it dutifully brings up the browser, loads the page, and life is great. But I wanted to see it on a bigger screen, so I forwarded the email to my main email.

I received it on my home computer, but when I clicked on the link, it gave me an error that the URL was malformed. Sure enough, when I compared the two URLs, the forwarded one had a duplicated character in it! I forwarded a similar email, and it duplicated the letter in the same position. I tried forwarding it to another Earthlink address, a Yahoo address, and my work address, and they ALL had the duplicated letter in the forwarded URL.

Is this a known bug? I haven't seen it discussed anywhere, but maybe I just have an ancient version of Mail and it was fixed ages ago and I've never noticed it til now.