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    I have a Sprint Treo 650. My co-worker just bought a Cingular Treo 650. Out of curiosity, I did some tests between the two. Here are some of my observations:

    1) Cingular internet download connection is much faster than Sprint. I used as a test for the two, and timed the result to see how many seconds to completely download the home page. The Cingular model took only between 42 seconds to 50 seconds. The Sprint model took a bit longer between 76 seconds to 115 seconds. I did this test several times to get a good idea of the range. I also tested other different websites, and the Cingular model always beat the Sprint model every time. Sigh...oh well, I have to tell myself I'm only paying a flat $15.00 per month for this (slower) unlimited service!

    I also did a speed test between the Cingular and Sprint models using Here were the results. For the Cingular model, I got between 123 to 170 Kbit/sec speed. For the Sprint model, I got between 56 to 98 Kbit/sec speed. Cingular was noticeably faster every time on this test.

    2) Something surprising happened while doing these tests with the Cingular Treo 650, which didn't happen with the Sprint 650 model. With the Cingular model downloading internet content, it was freaking out my desktop computer monitor! My monitor kept badly flickering with distortion when the Treo was within 1 foot away. If the Treo was right up against the monitor screen, it caused very bad distortion and flickering!! Even more weird, the Cingular Treo also interferred with my FM clock radio, and noticeable static was heard when the Treo was next to the FM radio! This same problem did not happen with the Sprint Treo 650, only the Cingular model!

    3) Regarding the (alleged) ability of Cingular Treos being able to receive incoming phone calls while downloading internet content, I can most certainly say this is least according to my own tests. Using the Cingular Treo 650, I had it preoccupied with downloading internet content from large sites such as ESPN. I then tried calling the Cingular model with a land line, while it was downloading internet content. I did this several times, and every time the call immediately went into voicemail. I thought Cingular (GSM) Treos were supposed to be able to ring and take incoming phone calls while downloading internet content? No?/Yes? I did this same test repeatedly, and everytime the calls went into voicemail without the phone ringing.

    Anyway, I thought the above was interesting. I did these tests in the San Francisco Bay Area during the day. I'm disappointed my Sprint Treo 650 is a bit slower than the Cingular model, but at least my Sprint model is computer friendly! :-)))

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    Thanks for the report Casey! I have Sprint also but loving it.
    Does reception affect the outcome? Can someone try this at a different location?
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    The majority of your post is really dependant on your location in the San Francisco Bay area. If you had performed the test in other areas you might see the opposite.

    I have service with cingular and as for the receiving an incoming call while downloading.. everytime I've tested I have had no problems receiving a call. I'm not sure why you were not able to.

    I have definitely noticed the bahaviour you mentioned with the distortion of monitors/speakers/even landline phones, but I've had similar behaviour with all of my gsm phones. (I haven't had a cdma phone in ages to test with)

    (edit FYI I'm in the NOVA/Wash DC area)
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    [QUOTE=nixoloco]The majority of your post is really dependant on your location in the San Francisco Bay area. If you had performed the test in other areas you might see the opposite.

    I agree, I've had both Cing and Sprint. At times both have 'flown' in downloading the data, at other times, they both crawl. I'm sure it likely has to do with the bandwidth and request load from all the other sprint and cingular users.
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    I can confirm that my CDMA phone in Houston, Southern LA, and Orlando gets the same dsl report speeds as above. I think I have gotten above 100 once or twice. Usually it between 55 - 80.
    Mike G

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    I have cing in Miami (FL) and cannot get speeds faster than 70Kb. A sprint user in my neighborhood gets 100Kb consistently.

    As for the distortion, I tried it on my monitor using 60, 75 and 85 Hertz refresh rates, and no distortion. Could be coupling between a wavelength-compatible wire in your monitor and the signal.
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    I have Cingular's Medianet service in the West LA area, and I usually get similar speeds to your Sprint data-I have not seen anything close to your Cingular speeds here in either the South Bay or West LA areas of Southern California, and that is with a strong signal (5 bars).
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    I'm always surprised how so many people can get very different results depending on which carrier service and location. So many variables to consider! Maybe the Space Shuttle being in outer space for an extra day longer had an ill effect on our Treos...who knows?!
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    With Verizon in St. Louis County I just got 29, 46 & 67 kbs, and couldn't receive a call while just on the internet. I didn't even have to be downloading.

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