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    What are the advantages or disadvantages of using 32k or 64k sim in the Treo 650 ?

    When I got my 650 I moved over the 32k sim that came with my 600. I am wondering of if any reliability performance for phone operation can be gained by going to a 64K sim.
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    I'd like to know the same thing. I took the 32k SIM out of my Nokia and am using it in the Treo -- and whereas it's working well, I'm wondering if it's not working AS well as it could with something different.

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    For me, the upgrade to the 64k SIM saved me from throwing my Treo in the garbage. . .see this thread. . .
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    How do you tell the difference between the two types of SIM?
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    all Cingular told me was that you can store twice as many contacts on the SIM
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    I used to have a 32K SIM and had no problems with it. Remember if you change to 64K SIM, you can not go back to 32K.
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    That's not true. I originally had a 64K then switched to 32K due to "Cingular" problems. And have since switched back (lost my 32K sim in a back up Nokia 6820). No problems with any of the switches.

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