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    When I try to send MMS messages too people with camera phones (non-treo users) I get an error message. Is there any way to send my pics to my friends?
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    Are they using your carrier? Perhaps the issue is really one of cross-carrier incompatibility.
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    have you tried ?

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    Pixtopix says they're ending service to end-users within a month. Not good.

    How about've tried 'em out for a day or so, and they've been decent so far. It was fairly difficult to set up, but I can't complain since it was free. After you get everything setup....all you do is email your pics to a certain email address and they're automatically posted on a site/blog.

    That's obviously not the same as sending directly to your friends but works a little better in my opinion as others don't have to have picture packages, or cell phones, even!
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    I have sent pics to my wife and friends non-camera phones. We are all on Sprint
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    If you're on the same carrier - the carrier is having some issues because you should be able to. If you're on different carriers - they need to have agreements with each other or else the MMS traffic ends up in the 'bit bucket'.
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    Someting to try:

    If your friends' phones have an email address where MMS data can be sent (for instance, SMS messages can be sent to tmobile users via <phoneNumber>, not sure what it is for MMS) then instead of using the messaging app, attach the picture to an email and send it from versa or snapper or whatever email client you use.
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