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    Lurker since 1/05...Sprint 650 w peaches custom 1.12 (which works fine, and had worked fine on my NEW 650, thank you peaches!) then last week my son decided to see how well the Treo bounces...broken lockine...get a refurb. Well, since Friday I have had mucho resets, and one thing I noticed was that I was now using intellicast for weather. Once I saw the report (1KM storm watch loop) would then let it time out....if a call comes in..BAM..reset.
    Also seems to happen if I initiate a call to VM...just curious to see if anyone else is having issues with (or what views you use that DO NOT cause problems).

    I did see the "Best Mobile Websites" pop up again last week, and that's where I saw someone using Intellicast (but for some reason it never seemed to work before when I tried it on the Treo)

    Any ideas, aside from NOT letting intellicast load into Blazer, or switching the app after intellicast loads, and I have finished using it?

    Incidentally, I went 6+ months with the previous Treo, and NEVER had resets EXCEPT for when I went to NOAA for their radar...wouldn't happen all the time, maybe %75 of the time, but thought I would throw it in there......)...NOAA I have not seen mentioned.

    Love my Treo (well, not the new resets), and living in FL., I use many different radars (all gleaned from TC, thank you all!!) so, no need to report on other options, unless they have not already been discussed...

    Intellicast *(uh, when it won't reset)

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    Don't think I ever recall a reset need by going to for NWS information.

    Also for warnings and statement.


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