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    Anyone else having a problem with the power saver kicking in really quickly and seemly reguardless of key presses after the patch?

    I was in Niagra Falls this weekend and relying on my Treo pretty heavily and noticed the screen shutting off ALOT and fairly quickly(within 30 secs). Even if I had pressed a button within that time.

    It was most annoying when I was reading an eBook and it just would shut the screen off.

    I checked my settings and made sure I was set to 3 mins and even tried the other settings, but no luck, it still randomly shutsdown after 30secs or so.

    Anyone else???
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    I even installed Always On and set it for 5 minutes, to no avail. Someone on another board suggested setting it to 2 minutes in the default power settings - jury is out on that. I installed profile care - set the time for 8 minutes, and am unconvinced that it works. It still seems a little quick for me, and I don't think the add on aps can correct it.
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