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    I was able to move all my internal pix to my card. But now have lost my personalized pix for phone numbers. How can I move individual pix back to internal to restablish my ids. many thanks,
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    You didn't say what device you're using...I'll assume it's a Treo 650.
    Assuming you used the Media app to move the pics to the card, launch Media and select the card icon in the top right hand of the screen. That should display your card-based pics. Select the pic of your choice and from the menu choose Media/Copy to Device...
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    Hi, sorry about is the 600. still need some help. thanks.
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    I dono if there is another way but you can copy the pics from your sd to C:\Program Files\palmOne\Treo Pictures\*your hotsync name*\Transfer then hotsync 'em back.

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