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    I was almost afraid to post this, but since I upgraded to Versamail 3.0c with this new Cingular upgrade, Versamail can use activesync with an Exchange server to fetch email, and it also syncs the Calendar as well. Previously, this worked maybe once or twice, but then would sync only one direction - from Outlook Calendar to Treo, but not changes made on Treo to your Outlook Calendar. I've been using the new version for a week now, and it continues to sync BOTH directions in Outlook calendar, as well as the email.

    Downside is that it shuts off syncing with Outlook through the the Hotsync button, but since I check email regularly, this is no problem, because both email and calendar stay current.
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    I noticed that it seemed to work for me, but I've been gunshy about adding things from my Treo as they weren't getting onto my Exchange calendar.

    This is great news!
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    Are you using the CNB or CNG update?
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    Quote Originally Posted by txschafers
    Are you using the CNB or CNG update?
    I'm using CNB.
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    I spoke to soon. It did work once, but tried a test again and didn't work. Is your's still working consistantly?

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