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    Hello all you Canadians. If you are thinking of purchasing a Treo 650 from Rogers, a word of caution. Don't.
    This product is not ready for prime time. It looks great, feels great and the sales pitch makes it sound great. For a device designed to make your life more simple and efficient, it does not live up. I do, dearly hope the bugs get worked out. I want one, but my business can not sustain the risk presented by this product.
    I have had two different 650's. Purchased a new product on an upgrade from the Rogers store three days ago. ON my way home made a few calls on it using blue tooth thought...this is cool. But half way home the first problem. The phone dropped a call. I thought oh,,,bad cell coverage. But this continued to happen about once every 10 calls..... 5 minutes into a call...boom. .. nothing. The phone would reset itself, without any warning. One night it reset itself in the middle the night...when it turned back on it didn't turn on the phone. I went to work and thought what a great day no one is calling today. Until I realized I had missed 16 calls cause the phone was off.
    I did do the upgrade to the new soft ware...1.13 but it did little to solve the problem.
    I took the phone back and was given a new one. The staff at the Rogers store were extremely helpful. The tech support over the phone also very very polite.... so full marks to Rogers. In fact I remain a loyal customer....largely because of this fair treatment. The second phone suffered from the same problem,, again shut downs, (and I forgot to mention looping earlier) Soft resets....hard resets, and system resets all tried. No additonal software was added. With the second phone I tried to connect to the internet, and succeed several times to install MYMAIL...but never really managed to stay connected long enough to install. (max i got was 134kb)
    All in all a wonderful looking phone with loads of promise.... If Palm reads this...please fix the problem...and let me know. Cause I want one.... it will help make by business work better.. a better company means more money more time with family and all that wonderful stuff.
    I have found very little info on Rogers Treo on I thought I whould post this. Thanks for taking time to read it, I hope it helps. I am a Mac user who must share his calender with PC Palm was the way to go... I am now back to using a phone. Rogers gave me (for free!) a Nokia 6820 with a flip out qwerty keyboard. It gets mail, text...and has a calender... not as good as the promised Palm but it will do until that next Palm arrives. So buyer beware..... don't jump too fast. Do your research and do what I did.... (if you must try it) make sure that Rogers knows you are concerned about this product. A friend of mine had one (which I thought was lemon) that gave him trouble. His advice....make sure you get Rogers to commit to a 30 day money back guarantee... They did it...and honored it. high marks for service.... now go get those Palm guys to fix this thing! it should not be on the CDN market in this configuration.
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    I've had a Rogers 650 for a month now and no problems (other than their billing system double charging me).
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    Same here. 650 on Rogers with no problems. Occasional (<1/week) resets when using 3rd party s/w but other than that great phone/pda.
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    make that three people with no problems.

    did you install any software other what comes with the treo?

    while on occasion i have had issues, they are all linked to applications i am running
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    Are you using an old SIM card? If so, try putting a piece of paper (business card thickness) underneath it, giving it better contact. It may be slightly compressed and losing contact, thus shutting off the phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmLover
    Are you using an old SIM card? If so, try putting a piece of paper (business card thickness) underneath it, giving it better contact. It may be slightly compressed and losing contact, thus shutting off the phone.

    rogers' sims are all the same to be honest...the only thing that changed was the logo
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    My first treo 650 was pretty bad. Purchased it in June 2005. After about 10 days of battling with it: random lockups, complete lockup when plugged into the charger etc... I decided to get it exchanged. Rogers initially gave me a hard time claiming that I needed to go through Palmone to get it replaced under warranty!!!! Finally convinced them to cross ship a replacement to me after I threatened to cancel my line after 10 years with them.

    My Second one has worked like a charm. I suspect about 1 reset every 2 wks, but primarily related to the applications that I run. It has worked well for me with my Mac, but don't really do a lot of contact management stuff on that platform... I usually do this on my PC at work...

    I'm very happy with mine , it does the job, datebook, occasional game, and all round fun. Great device and has let me leave the Clie at home. Biggest issue is the RIDICULOUS charges Rogers has for data/internet access.....If they fix that, we would be able to use the full functionality of the device at a reasonable cost.

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    I have had the 650 from Rogers for a few months, no problems really, an occaisonal reset, but thats with all Treos. My issue is with Rogers pricing, way too high. I don't use Blazer at all or I will be in the poorhouse. Unfortunately, Rogers is the only one offering the 650 in Canada, so we are stuck.
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    I had my unlocked since last December and have not had any problems. A friend who has the Roger branded says he gets some drop calls. you might have a bad Treo.

    Yes. rogers pricing sucks big time. that is why i dont use data service until they offer unlimited like carriers in the US.
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    I also have the 650 from Rogers since May and have no problems. The only problem is with Rogers pricing plan.

    $15 / 1.5MB - Additional @ $21/MB
    $25 / 3.0MB - Additional @ $10/MB
    $40 / 7.0MB - Additional @ $6/MB
    $60 / 15MB - Additional @ $5/MB
    $100/100MB - Additional @ $3/MB

    So which plan do you guys use ?

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