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    I have the treo 650 with the latest cingular firmware. I just got the scala 500 headset and paired it to the phone without any problems. When I am on a call, there seems to be no problems; however when the headset is in stand-by, the phone apparently tries to reconnect to the headset constantly (or it might be the other way around). I see the bluetooth popup on the phone with the message "Connection in progress" every 15 secs or so (and it plays the associated chime) and the phone crashes or locks up eventually.

    Am I missing something or setup something incorrectly? I didnt have the headset before I upgraded the firmware, so I can't tell if something got broken or if it has anything to do with the firmware version... Anybody else have any similar experience with a bluetooth headset? I have paired the phone using bluetooth with my laptop, my car's hands-free system, and tried the DUN w/o any problems so this seems to be abnormal...
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    never mind... it was the classic bluetooth cannot support multiple devices simultaneously issue

    i had the bluetooth on on my laptop which was competing with the headset for the attention of the treo

    what a lame protocol - probably causes so much technical support requests for something that is targeted for use in consumer electronics and therefore should be *****-proof to a certain degree...

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