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    Hi Folks,
    Has anyone used
    TO unlock TREO 650 GSM. I need to get my phone unlocked.
    Any feedback will be appreciated.
    Do not want ot screw up my phone.
    Or any other place to get Treo 650 unlocked will be good.
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    are you on Cingular

    they will unlock it for free if you have been a customer for 90 days or more.....

    they did for me, at least.
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    Yes I am on cingular. I have called them at least 10 times. But they said NO.
    I am former AT&T...if that matters....
    Let me know what magic you did.
    At this time, I am just frustrated...want to just get it unlocked without messing up the phone..
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    The ATT thing went thru a while ago (at least 90 days if I recall). If I am corect, you have been with Cingular for at least 90 days. This and the fact you need to travel intrnationally qualify you for the unlock code. When you call, ask for wireless tech support, explain the 90 day and travel thing, and that you can wait while they check the CS Manual for the requirements.

    My trick was when they told me they could not do it, I politely told them I understood they might not be authorized or aware of the requirements, and would wait briefly while they got their supervisor.

    The key was to direct them to their own rules/manual on this. I had one persaon read the list of requirements, then say - "I guess you qualify"

    NEXT, makes SURE they give you the subsidy unlock code and not the SIM unlock code (they will email it to you) and get a callback number for the supervisor in the event it does not work.

    last resort, google "cingular public relations" (no quotes). the first hit will give you direct dial numbers and even cell phone numbers of a number of cCingular staff. Call the person in your region, politely explain the issue, explain that if they check the manual they will see that you are correct and that it shouldn't be this difficult. They will drive it from the top down for you...

    good luck
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    thanks so much.
    Let me try it again tomorrow ...first thing.
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    I used before my last trip to Europe after spending days and hours trying to get the Cingular codes to work. I highly recommend They were very helpful and worked with me at 1am in morning to make sure their code did the job. A+ rating from me.
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