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    What's everyone's experience with this BT headset when combined with the 650?

    Battery life?
    How easy is it really to slip on?
    Real World Compatibility with 650?
    Volume & Voice Clarity on Users side?
    Volume & Voice Clarity on Other side?... (no not the dark side)
    Does it stay put in your ear / comfortable over time?

    I'd like to hear from someone that uses the hell out of it... ie: 30-50 3 minute+ calls a day... if possible

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    I think you need to check out the blue tooth forum a few lines down
    but I have an ax, I really did not do well. IMHP it seems cheeply built( great idea mind you). Low Volume. My battery life worsened quickly and although they sent me a new battery, My hedset took one fall and one of the cover hooks broke and the heaset became vey staticy. I may have been able to send it in for repair, but have not had the time and I am happy with my HS850( much better buld quality)

    check the blue tooth section for more opinions
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    Actually a great concept, but implementation is crap.
    It's the best form factor I've ever seen, it fits perfectly in your ear in two seconds and even with heavy movements, it wont fall, amazing.
    Compatibility with 650 is OK, although a bit slow to react on incoming calls.
    Earpiece volume is more than adequate, much higher than Treo's handset without VC and one of the best sound quality I've heard from a BT headset.
    Battery life seems OK, I don't use it all the time and it last about a week.
    But !
    Mic volume is very low ! Souns quality is perfect but so weak that other parties have difficulty understanding me, so I have to shout.
    Range is about 50cm max and in line of sight, otherwise static, static, did I mention static ? So if you wear your holster on the right, you must put it in your right ear, otherwise, your body is enough to generate at lot of clicking sounds.

    In one word: Avoid !

    Unlocked GSM 650. 1.28/1.13 ROW
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    Thanks so much for the input... I think I'll check out the HBH-608.

    Any experiences out there for that one?

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