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    Since my review of the High End 2 in 1 headset was well received (in my mind, anyway), I figured - what the heck? Let's try another one. Since my second new product just happens to be the INNODock, here goes. From Seidio:


    * Uniquely designed (patent pending) cradle to fit Treo 650 with most skin cases, hard cases, and form-fit leather cases. (Screen is still required to face out and the connector needs to be directly accessible.)
    * 3.5 mm stereo Audio out Port makes this cradle able to connect to headphones, speakers, computers, or home sound systems so you can play music with more options.
    * Integrated Sync Button lets you Synchronize at the touch of a button.
    * Treo 650 built-in microphone can be enabled for hands free operation.
    * USB Sync and charge: Sync and charge via USB port from any laptop or desktop so you do not need another power outlet.
    * Dual-functional Charger: By attaching Seidio USB car adaptor or USB travel adapter, it becomes a car or wall charger (both sold separately).
    * 3 colors to choose from

    Package includes:

    1. INNO.Dock for Treo 650

    2. USB Cable

    **Currently, the INNO.Dock is not compatible with the Vaja case.**

    My impressions:

    It's a very pretty piece of equipment to look at (shows you my orientation). The INNODock takes up very little space - much less than laying your Treo on its back like a turtle and plugging in the Palm supplied combo hotsync and charging cable. Unlike Palm's inelegant solution, the INNODock requires only a USB connect for both charging and syncing. Very cool. For most users - even powerful road warriors - this will be met with joy. At least one less cable not to lose or have to carry around. The downside (if you want to consider it that way) is that you have to have a "live" computer to power the cradle; however, any USB/AC/Car adapter will convert your cable into a wall or automobile empowered charger. In my experience, the Treo slips easily onto the spring mounted connection - which moves fore and aft for your ease of use enjoyment. I am currently housing my phone inside a silicone skin from DSI and it is as though the skin wasn't there - very easy to connect . FYI, though the phone does seem to accommodate most cases, my buddy has a Bellagio Open Face Leather Case (say that 3x quickly) and, because of an additional leather ridge on the back of the case, he isn't able to to use the cradle unless he takes it out of the case. Once connected, the Treo makes a satisfying musical sound to let you know all is well. The charging indicator light turns red, and then turns green when the Treo is fully charged. In my experience, this has taken a maxium of 2 hours to achieive, but I tend not to run the power level down more than halfway before seeking a charging spot.
    Now on to everybody's favorite connected activity, the hotsync. To the right of the Seidio logo is a small power indicator light and a pint sized button that you press to initiate the hotsync sequence. It does exactly that. I get a hotsync recognition tone and the transfer starts as "quickly" as it does with the Palm supplied cable. The button didn't supply much tactile response when I first got the unit, but after many presses, I now feel a satisfying push when hotsync is initiated.
    When it comes to use of the phone, you can use the built-in speaker/mic to talk and listen as the need arises. Now, let's get to the goodies part. On the opposite side of the hotsync button, located next to the USB jack, is a 3.5mm audio output port. You can plug in your choice of headphones and listen to whatever you like on the Treo. One of the things that I enjoy most about the combination of this cradle and my High End 2 in 1 headset, is that I can listen to music/audible content, and, when a call comes in, answer and converse with the connected party without having to change headsets. This does come at a price, however. Because Palm chose to make 2.5mm the standard size jack, you have to use a 2.5mm (male) to 3.5mm (female) Stereo Audio Adaptor - which Seidio is happy to sell you at around $5.95 a shot. To me, it's worth it to be able to multitask my cradle/headset. The sound is clear without any crackle or static that I can hear. Unfortunately, you can't use the cool answer/call terminate button located on the headset's console in conjunction with the cradle. I found this to be a disappointing shortfall.
    Seidio claims that you can plug speakers into the cradle and listen to your Treo's content. I have had mixed luck with this. The connect seems to be very positionally sensitive and I haven't been able to consistently listen to the speakers with every insertion attempt. Sometimes, the sound is awesome; other times, I only get a mono connect. Seidio is aware of the problem and says that it has a basis in impedance mismatch. They are currently working on a solution.
    Overall, I find this to be a useful accessory; in conjunction with my High End 2 in 1's, it is a fantastic addition to my gadget arsenal. The asking price is currently $39.95. I would like to see a resolution to the speaker/jack problem and the addition of the 2 in 1's ability to control the phone from its onboard button. Other than that, I highly recommend this cradle.
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