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    k, the first time it happened it thought it was a freak accident. Now, it's happened again.

    When I have one "all day" event that last for several days (say Monday through Wednesday, and I also have an all day even that lasts only one day [in my example Monday], my Treo's calendar moves the single day appointment up one day to Sunday!

    What is up with this???

    Anyone know if there's a fix for this? Does it happen with all calendar apps, or just the default Treo app.


    My setup: Treo650; Firmware 1.01; Verizon; PowerBook 1.5; Tiger (10.4.2); iCal; Sync Method: Bluetooth (no third party sync apps only HotSync).
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    Make sure the time zones are the same on both the mac and the treo. I have the exat same specs as you do and I can sync fine.
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    That's an interesting thought, but I don't think that's causing the glitch. I have my Treo set to "Enable Local Network Time" and my AIBook to NY (and I'm in NY). I suspect if this were the issue, it would eff up a lot more dates tho. It seems to occur when I have a multiday event at the same time as a single day entry. It usually moves one of them a day ahead.

    I've dealt with it until now, but I just had the misfortune of scheduling a second appointment a day ahead of one that already appeared in my Treo, only to return to my office (and computer) and discover I'm now double booked.

    I've had it through each firmware update (using most current). I gotta get this fixed. Anyone have any thoughts/experience?


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