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    I have a Sprint Treo 650 and I know when there is network traffic when I see my network arrows going green. (Not true for GSM) However, I have no idea which app is doing it. The main use for this app will be for network usage traces for apps that seem to get stuck on the green arrows. Why is this bad? Well,
    -Network traffic blocks incoming phone calls.
    -Exesive use reduces battery life and makes the Treo get hot (backlight gets turned off)
    -More than one application might be fighting for sockets.

    Is there such application?


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    Treolo: Just curious, what apps do you have that access the network? Among mine are Chatter and the built-in Web app, which are the only ones that I imagine can spontaneously activate the data connection. Lately I've resorted to disconnecting from the network when I don't need it. The only disadvantage is no more push e-mail with Chatter. My battery life, however, has improved very much.
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    I'd love an app like this too, as I don't have any of my apps set to connect to the network automatically, and occasionally I'll see the Treo connect.
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    Sorry for responding to my own thread, but I thought about this more. I'd love to have some firewall features so based on a schedule, I could block certain (or all but specified) programs from accessing it also.
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    I have quite a few apps that access the network. Here is my list:
    As you know they all can run it the background and might as well do it at the same time. Is this a doable application?


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