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    rather than a hard reset to get 4.5 installed you may want to try this first - it worked for me - I was having the reset issue and was able to get 4.5 installed without having to perform a hard reset - but your mileage may vary ......

    1. Soft reset device

    2. while Treo is starting up hold the UP arrow key from initial palm screen until device startup is completed - this stops apps from loading that would load memory resident

    3. start Goodlink and go to prefs / apps and select install - this should soft reset the device if you;ve already downloaded 4.5

    4. as in step #2 hold the UP arrow key from initial palm screen until device startup is completed

    5. this should drop you to the date/time screen ...... tap Done and 4.5 install should start

    6. soft reset when complete

    Worked for me ....... hopefully it works for you too and saves you the hard reset .....
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    Okay, I'll try this again

    I posted this over on the huge Good Link thread but did not get an solid answer...hoping for more luck on this end

    I currenlty sync my work and home outlook via my treo 650, using PocketMirror / Hot Sync. This works very well and keeps all my info in both places...very important to me.

    My company is thinking of moving to Goodlink. Anyone know how I will do this, since Goodlink does not appear to have a Hot Sync option.

    Thanks for your help.
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    BostonMatt -

    I believe that with the Treo 650 you can still continue to sync all of the native Palm apps with Outlook via HotSync even after GoodLink is installed - I;ve turned that off and deleted the DBs but could have continued syncing other suggestion though if you didn't want to continue doing this would be to sync to Yahoo or a similar service with both your home and work computer .....
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