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    After owning my unlocked Treo 650 GSM for three months, I was nearly at the point of tossing the thing out my 4th floor window, but then I was saved! Now I write this message with a great amount of joy and relief, hoping that my recent discovery will help others who may be experiencing the same problem.

    While reading about the occasional soft resets that other users were experiencing on their Treos, I became envious because soft resets were the least of my problems with my Treo. Mine was, quite simply, an ultra expensive PDA and a useless phone. The problem was that my Treo worked fine when the phone radio was turned off, but it would immediately freeze 90% of the time as soon as I switched the phone on. The only way out of it was to remove the battery and restart. After 7 or 8 attempts in a row, the phone would finally switch on and enable me to use it. In a nutshell, the phone was totally useless!

    I spent hours and hours combing this forum looking for possible solutions and subsequently tried numerous hard resets and firmware upgrades, but nothing worked. Then I found someone else with the same problem who mentioned replacing the SIM card. While this was the furthest thing from my mind, I figured it was worth a shot, so I replaced my two year old SIM with a new one. Just like that, the problem was instantly solved!

    I now have a phone I can actually use and am thrilled at how easy it was to solve after I discovered the problem. Apparently, the old SIMs have a different design than the new ones that makes a big difference in the Treo, although the old SIM worked fine in my Nokia phone.

    Since upgrading my SIM, the Treo has not frozen a single time, although it still occasionally resets after I turn it on after having been asleep for a while. I can deal with that, but couldn't deal with the frozen phone every time I turned it on. So, here's to hoping this message will save somebody else hours of aggravation if experiencing the same problems.


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    Also, if you are suffering slow downs/stalls/freezes, be sure to install the latest s/w and firmware updates on your T650 (especially if you have a Cingular unit). The latter made a huge difference for me.

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