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    I just started loading my music on to my 2GB card but the problem I am having is that once it reaches about 120 files in the main directory, it will not let me add anymore files. I can delete 1 file, create a folder (say "Rock Music") and transfer some of the files to it and then add more songs, but in that case, the treo cannot find the songs in that "Rock Music" folder.

    Anyone having similar issues? Any workarounds? Solutions? Is there a way to read the music from the folders from the treo?

    Thanks in advance.
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    "Nobody will ever require more than 640K" ...

    You've been officially pimped by Bill Gates!

    OK. The real explaination:

    A fundamental limitation of the MSDOS filesystem is that it can only hold 127 (I believe the limit is 127) files in the root directory. If your windoze hard drive is FAT (not NTFS), you have the same limitation.

    If you had linux (or FreeBSD) ... you could put a unix filesystem on your card ... and an almost unlimited number of files in the root directory...

    But alas... most electronic junk only understands FAT filesystems on flash media.

    Now... I believe that you can store music in a specific folder (the camera uses DCIM, for instance) with the stock application. I don't recall what that is. Try transferring a tune from internal to external memory. However, PocketTunes seems to accept any directory.
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    ZBeeble...thanks for the explanation - and easy enough for a rook like me to understand too

    I was able to make it work by creating a folder called "AUDIO" and then putting all the files in that folder - I am a happy listner )

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