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    USB charge cables could only be max 0.5 Amp
    because on laptops that's all they'll put out ?

    But supplied AC charger puts 1 Amp ?

    Is it okay to always charge with lower powered USB cable from my laptop via sync and charge cable or would the reduced amperage cause problems ???
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    Drawing less ampage just means it will take longer to charge. Only problems arise when any appliance tries to suck more than the rated amount which will overload the supply (laptop). When you approach full charge while charging the battery - in essence what is happening is that the current is slowly dropping to zero as it charges. In short No problem.
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    Actually, USB ports are speced to source only 100ma, unless the device negotiates "high power" which is 500ma. I have no idea if the Treo does this.

    I agree that for charging purposes, the lower current is not an issue except to lengthen charge time.
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    Thanks very much for these responses.

    It's easier for me to regularly charge my Treo from a Laptop that I use at work than from an AC charger at home.

    Now I know that I won't be reducing the normal life of the battery by doing this.

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