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    Hey guys...

    My roommate just tried to sync her Sprint Treo 650 for the first time and when she did, the Treo came up with a screen with red, green, blue, and white bars and said "Bootload v0.19." The red status light is on solid and it's just frozen there.

    I just told her to pull the battery and do a soft reset and that seemed to "solve" the problem, but do you guys know what this screen is or what might've caused it?

    My Cingular Treo 650 has frozen and rebooted many-a-time (like all 650s do), but I've never seen a screen like this.

    Thanks guys!
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    Update guys:

    So pulling the battery didn't help. Two things happen:

    1. If I go to HotSync through Applications and hit the HotSync button on the screen it just says that it cannot hotsync because the port is currently being used. Rebooted the computer and the Treo, but that didn't help.

    2. If we try HotSyncing by pressing the button on the cable, that's when we get the Bootload v 0.19 screen.

    So right now, she can't sync at all.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks guys!

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