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    I just purchased a Treo 650 from Verizon today but I did not subscribe to a data package at this time. However, I would like to install a custom ring tone (I already converted an mp3 clip into wav using SoundForge).

    My computer does not have bluetooth or infrared, so is there any way to do this? I read that you can do it by e-mailing the file to yourself, but I'd rather avoid the fee of using the "pay as you go" data plan. Is it possible to send the file to myself on my computer and then somehow transfer the e-mail to my Treo?

    Thanks for any help you can provide...
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    I got the file transferred as an e-mail attachment in VersaMail and the Treo is able to play it fine, but how do I save it? It appears the only option is to an SD card, is that the only way? I don't have a card yet and would really like to be able to use a custom ringer...

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