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    I believe I may have found the root cause of my Treo's multiple uncommanded soft resets. I tend to get soft resets between 10 and 15 times a day. Resently I turned off my Versamail's autosync function and have switched to syncing manually. Does anyone want to guess what happened? No autosync, no soft resets!

    OK not quite. As it turns out I have isolated the soft resets to when the Treo is just finishing its wireless sync with the Enchange 2003 calendar. I ran a test and had soft resets occur in 15 of 20 manual syncs.

    I have done all the unlocked GSM updates (including the 1.31 FW) and this behavior has not changed. Is anyone else seening this? Better yet, does anyone have a fix? Please do not say "buy this software......". I really don't want to hear that.
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    Happening again today! 5 times in a row exact same spot, right when the calendar sync os avout to finish. Surely someone else has noticed this?

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