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    Where is this efficient sync and what version beta is it in?


    Nevermind, sorry to bother, carry on! I found it. lol...
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    Last 4-5 beta's, I think. It's in the "System" prefs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    Last 4-5 beta's, I think. It's in the "System" prefs.

    Thanks Marc I hadn't updated for a while because I have actually had some stability!! yay.

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    I've got Sprint and just started testing Chatter a couple days ago and battery drain is huge. I'll have to download the beta to see if that efficient sync is good enough. How much better battery life are you guys seeing with that option checked???

    All I know is that I can't sacrafice 50% of my battery life for push....I'm sure something else can be done to get it working like the GSM networks.
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    There are LOTS of variables involved - GSM vs CDMA (GSM gets 2x battery life or more), signal quality, number of mailboxes, number of those that are online, how often mail comes in, how many messages received and sent, frequency of checking (for boxes that aren't pushed), settings like "Efficient Sync", voice call usage, etc, etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    Last 4-5 beta's, I think. It's in the "System" prefs.

    I'm using version[89:41] and "Efficient Sync" is not an option under Preferences>System.

    Am I wrong?
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    No, you're right. It's new in the beta.

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    I absolutely love everything about Chatter, except the battery drain (great interface, love the background operation, html message rendering is nice, etc). However, there is definitely something in the code that needs to be fixed because Chatter causes significant battery drain even if all mailboxes are offline and no timed Qsyncs are active. In other words, I used it solely for manual syncing, yet my battery would drain significantly when Chatter was loaded (overnight ~25-30% depletion without Chatter vs. ~3-5% without Chatter loaded). I loaded BatteryGraph to attempt to isolate the cause, and it reported that my Treo was turning itself on thousands of times per day. The screen never turned on, so obviously this is not a correct characterization, but it does show that something is going on in the background. One other effect is that my device will no longer lock itself using the 10-minute inactivity timeout setting on the built-in security app. This didn't bother me too much because I could use Teal Lock, but it likewise supports the notion that Chatter is running some processes in the background when nothing should be happening.
    I experienced the same results using the following versions: 1.0.7b14, 1.0.7b16, 1.0.7b18, and 1.0.7b20 (I am also using Matix SSL). I gave up and went back to Snappermail, because I do not have the time to spare being a beta tester, but I thought this may help Marc track down the problem. I'd be glad to test again once I see a comment in the release notes addressing the battery drain issue.
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    Yes, Chatter is always running a background process, so what you're seeing is pretty much what I'd expect. At some point, I will look at optimizing this, but your situation (manual sync'ing only) is pretty unusual.

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    Actually, many people in my office, including me, leave Chatter in Q-Sync timed mode (or manual mode) normally and go online only when out of the office. Like Neue, I was also surprised to find that the battery drain was the same whether online or not. Optimizing battery usage for offline would be great.

    Other recommendations that would be helpful include (1) allowing the user to customize the buttons to quickly go online and offline, and (2) allowing the user to set timers for going online and offline.

    As always, thanks for the truly great program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    that's not what he said. he said you can carry a spare.
    Now that I re-read his post, you are right. My bad.
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    I'm too lazy right now to download a newer beta of Chatter to see if the "efficient sync" gives bearable results....can anybody tell me if it actually works for CDMA networks??

    Did you actually run tests to measure any increase in battery life??

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yes. Efficient sync greatly reduces the number of non-essential network connections on my Verizon 650.
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    Wow, thanks Marc. I will say that the efficient sync setting on the latest beta (August 11th version) has helped a lot on my Sprint 650. If you are having drain issues, try the beta and check efficient sync. You might be pleasantly surprised.
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    Does efficient sync make any difference when using Chatter with pop3 mailboxes only?
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    i find i carry a spare battery and at the end of my work day around 6 pm i need to replace the battery it is usually 20% and the spare lasts the rest of the evening then i charge both of them overnight

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    I don't think es will help pop accounts because they are only accessing the server when you tell it too but I could be wrong..
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    Right, donric609... The setting won't help for POP3 accounts; battery usage there is purely determined by frequency of sync'ing and number of emails loaded.

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    One thing I've noticed since changing my GMail (POP) and .Mac (non-IDLE IMAP) accounts from scheduled QSync (every 20 minutes) to SMS triggered retrieval is much improved battery life. I haven't really quantified it yet, but I'd guess at about a 15% improvement in battery life.

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    phurth -

    It depends on how often you get messages. If you're getting a message every 2-3 minutes or more, SMS triggers would be ghastly, I suspect. But SMS triggers would be great if you get relatively infrequent, but important, messages.

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