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    Has anybody gotten the program 'crony' to work on their 650? I definitely can't and don't think I'm going to get it to work.

    Is there any other way (preferably free) to perform scheduled tasks (i.e. - backup, hotsync, etc.). I realize there're programs that have timed functions built-in...but I'm looking for an application that's dedicated to performing scheduled tasks.
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    I installed crony some time ago, spent a bit of time testing it and wasn't successful.

    Same boat...

    Maybe someone who's got crony up and working properly can pass on their wisdom?
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    It's not the easiest app to work with but I think the problem you have is most likely with the version you've most likely downloaded. Most of the "palm app portals" have an outdated version that doesn't support OS5.

    The most current version is 3.0 which can be downloaded at

    It's a decent app but not user-friendly....
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    I tried the version 3.0, but no success.
    The application was started on time but Treo 650 did not wake up.
    I wanted to launch a timed soft reset.

    Is there another solution you know ?
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    You can use LookAtMe to launch mReset on days and times you specify.
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    Thanks ! This combination works fine.
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    Glad it works for you! Actually, though, I read about this combo in one of Bill Gamble's posts awhile back. As quick as he is, I thought for sure he would already have posted by the time I saw this thread!

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