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    appreciate this forum.... had originally posted to the hardware section before finding this.

    i know from looking thru this section that memory remains an issue. the recent update certainly helps, but am still frustrated with palm OS and goodlink and cingular apps
    (treo 650, cingular - new update installed; and 1 gig card)

    i love goodlink. but since installing goodlink have had difficulty with memory. have several apps including: a drug database - epocrates, dataviz docs to go, and a med calc program installed along with goodlink.

    after installing the goodlink, it essentially fills up the RAM on the machine. then the other apps will not work due to lack of memory.


    is there a program or hack that would allow the apps on the card? OR to put the data they call upon on the card? neither goodlink, nor epocrates seems to support this.

    is there away to free up memory by deleting the locked apps that come with the cingular service and with palm... that I don't use - versamail, xpress mail, the palm contacts, tasks, etc.......?

    any way to force that all pics only be stored on the card, and never "touch" the RAM?

    appreciate help & advice - tips etc
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    zLauncher or PowerRun can move most apps to your SD card. You can't delete those that come preinstalled in ROM like versamail and without a custom ROM but that doesn't get you more RAM unless you add apps you typically have in RAM to the custom ROM.

    You can choose one of your SD photo categories so pics are stored there by default but after a soft reset it will default back to RAM until you change it again. Good luck
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