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    frustrated with palm OS and goodlink and cingular apps
    (treo 650, cingular - new update installed; and 1 gig card)

    since installing goodlink have had difficulty with memory. have several apps including: a drug database - epocrates, dataviz docs to go, and a med calc program installed along with goodlink.

    after installing the goodlink, it essentially fills up the RAM on the machine. then the other apps will not work due to lack of memory.


    is there a way to put the apps on the card? OR to put the data they call upon on the card? neither goodlink, nor epocrates seems to support this.

    is there away to free up memory by deleting the locked apps that come with the cingular service and with palm... that I don't use - versamail, xpress mail, the palm contacts, tasks, etc.......?

    any way to force that all pics only be stored on the card, and never "touch" the RAM?

    Goodguy -- can goodlink run from the card? or at least send all the email, calendar, tasks & contact data there??

    appreciate help & advice
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    Move Docs2Go to the card and this will free up about 4MB. Other apps may be able to run from the card, check with the publisher.

    GoodLink cannot be run from the card.
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    A few questions:

    1. What is the best method to copy Docs2Go to a SD card? Should I copy over the installer package, or the individual components after installation?

    2. If the latter, which apps do I copy? (there are several listed when I go to "Copy" on my Treo 650.)

    3. Is it possible to install D2G to multiple Treos from 1 SD card?

    The reason I ask #3 is that my job includes setting up Goodlink w/ D2G on all the incoming Treos, and our new offices are in a dungeon w/ no mobile service. As it is now, I need to hide Treos in various places in the building while waiting an hour+ for D2G to Download. If I could simply copy it from a card, I could turn around devices in 30 minutes as opposed to 90-240 minutes.

    Thank you for time and help!


    PS. Sorry to resurrect a dead post, but I didn't want to start a new thread...
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    Take a look at

    for info on D2G and SD cards

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