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    I ran across this deal at Mobi systems. $20 for a lot of software.

    From reading past threads Mobi seems to get good marks for their docs product.

    Anybody use their products?
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    After installing on a Treo 600, when I went to run it, it said it needed a 320 x 320 screen. Their download site let me select Treo 600 from a pull-down list, and only after painfully freeing enough memory to install it, did I find out it would not work on my device as advertized. Perhaps it is a mistake on their pick-list, but I'm a little pissed with them right now.

    1src podcast 34 mentioned liking this s/w in the closing minutes. He said it both reads and writes native word files (which he said is a first). He mentioned that the presentation software is proprietary and requires a converter and syncing. This certainly seems like a good product/deal for T650 users. It is $20 until September on their web page. (Regular price is $40.) That's for the "classic" package. They also have a "professional" package that adds a paint program and a database program for $70. Looks like the classic version gives the important programs for a good introductory price. 1src is supposed to write an editorial soon describing (reviewing?) this product.
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    I don't use these programs much myself, however, doesn't the install CD for the 650 include the full version of Docs to Go? I know mine did, but I'm not sure how good they are.
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    Can it be run from SD card? or have to be on the device itself?
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    Docs To Go can be run from the SD Card.....and it comes free with the 650. Why pay for Mobi's software??
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    In my brief demo of MobiSystems' software, I found Mobi's software much more usable than DTG. Little things like a file browser, so I don't have to have DTG search for files on the card for two and a half minutes just to open a new file I recently copied over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrax
    Can it be run from SD card? or have to be on the device itself?
    Good questiohn - I'd also like to know this.
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    Besides DTG & Mobi-systems, are there any other products available for the Treo's. I mean products similar or more advanced than these. I don't need something with less functionality. Thanks.
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    I checked with Mobisystems. Got a note back from Ana that said this application needs 320x320 to run. I wrote back to let her know the Treo 600 is 160x160, and that they should remove the device from their Office Suite drop-down menu.

    Installed the app anyway. It added about 800K in RAM and about 3-4 mb on the SD card. Got the 320x320 message, so I uninstalled it.
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    Yes, it will run from the SD card. I haven't used it alot but it appears to be much more stable than DTG. Allows charts in excel which the DTG doesn't unless you spend more $$, appears to also handle native doc, xls attachments ok from emails, etc. I think I like it. I'm on a 30 day trial now.

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