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    is there anyway to store .mp3 in internal memory? I have ringo and i sent an email to my phone with a .mp3 file attachment... when i download it to the phone it opens ringo and ringo ask for a card... is there away around this?
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    I would try using a file manager to copy the mp3 from the SD card to the phone.
  3. #3 point in putting an MP3 in internal memory. Get a card if you don't have one.

    If you haven't already paid for Ringo, and want one quality ringer for all contacts....then convert the MP3 to WAV and then email which ever part of the WAV that you want to repeat.

    Also, if you haven't already paid for Ringo, but you want multiple ringers for groups or what-have-you...try Lightwav. Others say it's buggy but it works great on my phone.
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    Not sure if it will work for Ringo but I don't see why it wouldn't.

    Go to the PocketTunes site, look in their faq section and refer tot he instructions for using "par" to essentially convert an mp3 into a pdb file which can then be synced with your Palm just like any other pdb file. Once it's installed you can use Filez to change the name and such.

    I use Butler for my mroning alarm and Phone Technician for my phone/sms ringtones. By using PAR, I've got a few tones in my Palm as opposed to just being onthe card. Now, the mp3's function regardless of wheter I have switched cards or just don't have my card in.
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    I just posted this so I could get replay notification.

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