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    I'm on my 5th treo 650. (Cingular) The features are awesome! However I'm known as the hit and miss cell phone. I run a business and depend my phone. The exchange by mail gives me no love and only wants to downgrade me to a phone 1/2 the price. Like I said the PALM part is cool, but I have to sit on my front porch to use my phone (live in city 1 mile from cingular store). It worls fone there but at home it even drops when I'm outside. My bill is over $100 a mont and I never get to complete a full call. I work 1/8 the state (Kentucky) and have this problem everywhere. Can I do something about this that I do not know? Cingular says they can do nothing and I paid full retail for this phone off their site. Is anyone else having this problem because they report they have no signal problems with this phone.
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    You can sell it on eBay
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    Maybe Cingular is the one doing all the sucking, 'cause my Sprint phone gets great reception in several states.
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    Haven't had any signal issues with my Verizon Treo yet. No dropped calls or issues with data (yet). And personally, I think even the signal indicator is a bit pessimistic because I was able to start a data session with no bars visible on screen (LED was flashing green stating that the unit is connected to the network).
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    My unlocked 650 is one of the best phones I have owned, with respect to RF. The only thing which comes close is my unlocked RAZR. I am on T-Mo in the SE WI market. Sounds like a coverage issue and not a Treo problem.

    Have you tried a different phone ??

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    really? my Cingular 650 seems to get great reception comparing to some other cingular phones. It's probably Cingular's problem rather than the Treo 650's...
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    Sprint here, no coverage issues in several states in the west.
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    Yeah, my Cingular reception sux big (no, the upgrade didn't help). There are some locations I go in Chicago where Cingular claims to have 8 towers covering the area and I get zero reception (SOS mode). I've tried the blue towers as well (ala select network hack) to no avail. Many other places in Chicago I get very poor reception. I've put in two formal trouble tickets with Cingular, but no one ever called me back and nothing improved. (Not to mention the many other times I've called for troubleshooting.) I'm on my fourth 650. I've also had many reception problems in NYC.

    Effectively, Cingular reception stinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xchpstang
    Sprint here, no coverage issues in several states in the west.
    Sprint here, no coverage issues in the Dirty South!
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    Live in CT and works good here, just got back from Pigeon Forge, TN and mine worked great in the farm land!

    If it works there, it'll work anywhere!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nickp
    My unlocked 650 is one of the best phones I have owned, with respect to RF. The only thing which comes close is my unlocked RAZR. I am on T-Mo in the SE WI market. Sounds like a coverage issue and not a Treo problem.

    Have you tried a different phone ??
    I am with NickP. It is more likely to be a local coverage problem than a phone or Treo problem. While it might be your Treo or your location, it is not a general Treo problem or a general Cingular problem.

    I moved to Cingular from T-Mobile shortly before getting my 650. I moved when discovered that Cingular coverage in my residence was so much better than T-Mobile. As I told the T-Mo people when closing my account, local coverage trumps everything.

    That said, I have traveled all over the world with my 650 and found the coverage to be excellent. Cingular even has coverage in Vermont and New Hampshire where the only coverage I had seen before moving to them was AMPS. Cingular even has coverage in Dixville Notch, NH where there are fewer than fifty permanent residents and only tens of cell phones. (Because Dixville Notch does not have broadband Internet, I use my Treo/Cingular to attach my PC to the Internet in preference to dialup.)
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    Have been using Cingular for about a year now in Southeastern CT as the coverage is better than T-Mobile but still far from satisfactory. I just moved house, a few miles only, and had to install an external antenna to get a steady two three bars, so my wireless phone now keeps me tethered to a cable.....!!! at least I have bluetooth headset that gives me some leeway....Now, for the past two days- and I don't know if it's in any way related to the latest update I installed a week ago - I have problmes as I get a No service reading everytime I start up the phone, even when connected to the antenna. It searches forever for a signal and finds none. Talked to Cingular and they deny any local tower issues (can't verify that....!) and they replaced my SIM card although the sales rep claimed it had no influence on reception. Strangely enough, I go a weak signal driving in my area, in a part I normally got good reception before. Also got at least one bar on the SIM when using it on my old Sony Ericsson T637. Just frustrating not knowing what's to blame, an expensive SmartPhone or the carrier who, of course, point at each other with the customer, as usual, stuck in the middle - end of rant! BTW, does anyone think a hard reset might help?
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    Got another replacement phone!!!!! (4th or 5th) Still no good. I agree, Its probably cingular. The only problem is other people with cingular service but different phone get service where I don't. Guess it's safe to say the reception is poor accordingly compaired to other phones. Still love the phone's options though. I guess I'm going to drop it on Ebay with they send me a new one. I have to have a pda phone. I have been looking at the SX66. I know it's M$ but besides the camera, I can get the same options that I need (software) + WiFi. I have been a PaLM owner for years, but I can't see it changing very much more for the better. (I know it's a damn phone!) I guess I need a plasma screen phone with a super computer brain.

    Then on the other hand there is always problems with a phone not doing what it can't or people want it to do. We always look for the negative or the missing link even if it fixes us breakfast... lol.

    Any news of a newer treo prototype yet?
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    I was having the same problems but when I installed the network selection hack. I ride the Cingular Blue network now. Much more stability in the Metro Atlanta area.
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    I finally gave up on Cingular, after about six months. Sold my unlocked 650 on e-bay, and got a Sprint 650. What a difference between CDMA & GSM in my area! Have had zero issues with Sprint coverage. I use my phone primarily in Maryland and Delaware, and with Cingular, I was always at either 1 bar, or had the famous "SOS Only" message. This coupled with Cingular's totally inaccurate billing, almost drove me to the edge. In my area of the World, Cingular is not ready for prime time.
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    spymongoose of the hacker team is currently in testing stages if a portable (treo mounted) external antenna which as shown some potential & better signal in testing so far. check out the full story & updates at

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    In the NYC (Manhattan/outer boroughs and Westchester County) area I am getting great reception with the Treo 650 (just got it a couple of days ago). I was kind of surprised. I had the Nokia 6230b before which is one of the best phones for reception and it was virtually on par with it.

    Those of you with reception problems, did you have other phones with your service? How was your reception then? Reception is a tricky thing. It depends on the carrier and the area, as well as the phone.

    With Cingular, I know when I was on T-mobile towers my reception was shaky. there is a manual network hack available for the Cingular 650. Try riding on the ATT blue towers and see if that improves things. At least in the north east, Orange isn't so great. But ATT spent a lot of time improving reception up here, before they went under.

    I've been reading a lot of posts here and on HoFo. The Treo 650 is no slouch when it comes to reception. It's not the best, but it is up there. I've been very impressed with the phone so far. I don't even miss my Nokia anymore, and I loved that phone.
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    i have really good reception *shrug*
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    If you ask me, the coverage for cells sucks in KY. Cingular seemed to have much better coverage in KY than the other carriers. Sprint works in very few places in KY outside the cincinnati area, Louisville, Lexington, and Frankfurt. Same can be said for Verizon.
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    I think there is something more than just Cingular. I have an unlocked GSM 650 on the Cingular Blue side (AT&T) and the reception is mediocre. I have had three phones (T-616 and Nokia 6820) in the last few years on the same network and the 650 by far has the worst coverage.

    Many of my coworkers switched from Sprint to Cingular because their coverage is horrible here in Dallas. I used to could walk down the stairwell in my building down into the underground parking garage and not drop the call. The 650 drops every time.

    I seem to recall other posts on this when the 650 first came out. The area you are in may be exaserbating the problem but I wouldn't be to quick to say it is just a Cingular problem.
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