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    I've been trying to dial from my laptop with the Cingular T650 but couldn't make it happen. Keep needing to pair the laptop and the T650 and still gets error 633.

    Can somebody point me to the proper step by step?

    I've found the following two links:
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    Also on Shadowtime's website
    Phone Number: **99***1#

    Some other posts mentioned: *99***1#

    Should it be one * or two * up front?
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    One * up front. Don't forget the advanced settings for your Windows bluetooth modem definition: AT+CGDCONT=1, "ip", "proxy"

    That's for Cingular Blue - the values may be different for Cingular Orange. Do some searches - all this has been covered before, earlier this year.
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    It seems for Cingular Orange the APN is "WAP.CINGULAR"

    Here is a helpful thread below.
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    I never did get it to work reliably, so I went back to ROW. . .
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