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    I have a Cingular 650 that freezes almost every other day, and sometimes I can wait for up to a minute for it to "unfreeze" and be fine again, or more often than not I have to reset. Is this a documented problem, and if so can someone point me to some fixes? Otherwise should I go back to the Cingular store I got it from and exchange?

    BTW, I have not touched the Treo as far as adding any apps, etc. It is exactly the way it was when I got it from the Cingular store, minus some phone numbers in the address book!!

    Thanks for any insight,
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    maybe a bad unit ...
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    I would get it exchanged. That doesnt sound right. If you havent hotsynced and your Treo is clean, it may be a problem with a loose SIM card - do a search here for that problem. It could also be bad hardware. It shouldnt freeze like that.
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    I had the same experience with 3 different Cingular 650's. I switched to a Verizon 650 this week and it is much better.
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    You should definitely try the "loose sim" card fix. I had this problem on my 600 when I got my 650 and tried my sim in the 650 (which still doesn't work in the 650, by the way).

    The "fix" is to put some paper/tape etc in the sim holder to cause a tighter fit for the sim.
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    On the 3 devices I had...I tried the SIM fix and it didn't help, but I agree it is worth trying since it is an easy fix.

    I gave up on Cingular...between faulty Treo's and poor coverage it was not worth it.
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    I found that my freezes seem to be related to network searching in marginal signal areas. The latest Cingular firmware update (including radio patch) has made a huge difference.

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