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    Are there any (treo 650) plans for something like the car kit that is availble for the 600:

    ideally i would like: external antenna, standard audio jack, form fitting mount this is specifically for the 650 (and a real mount, not suction cup), ability to hard wire power, and speakerphone (built in or external mounted speaker/mic). anything close to this?

    I was looking at the seido 2500. it did not sound like the quality of the sound/unit was very good.
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    I'm putting one together for a little less than $80 (after shipping)...but I'm not sure about recommending it to others yet as I haven't tested the cable/cradle I've ordered yet. It should be here within the next week.

    For more of an idea of what I'm doing, you can check out my posts in these threads:

    If you interested in something like that...I'd suggest waiting a week to see how reliable the setup is.
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    I like the sounds of the price. will wait for the results. thanks
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    No problem.

    What type of head unit do you have in your car?? Cassette or CD Player?? If CD Player, what brand/model is it??

    Just to give you a heads're going to want an auxiliary input jack for CD quality. You can check the specs of your cassette/CD player somewhere online (i.e. - your manufacturer's website or plain ol' google).
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    i have the factory cd/cassette. i know where i can get an adapter to get an aux jack, i have looked into that for my ipod in the past.
  6. #6'd be able to do it then with the auxiliary cable. I got mine for $30 (6ft cable directly to 3.5mm which will plug into the back of the cradle).

    My only problem is going to be figuring out how to mount the cradle. I'll have to wait and see what I'm working with.
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    Just in case you missed my thread on the setup of the car kit, here it is:

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